3 months

Polly is now 3 months old (13 weeks in fact, but I’m told counting in weeks is only for parenting noobs).


  • She tries to grab toys and try to stuff them in her mouth, although she’s not very good at it yet. She can grab her feet, but she’s far too chubby to get them anywhere near her mouth.
  • She can sleep for longer and go longer between feeds (but doesn’t seem to like sticking to a routine) and she needs changing less frequently (blessed relief)
  • She’s been sucking her thumb for a while now, which means she can sometimes self-soothe and go back to sleep.
  • Just recently she’s taken to slobbering all over anything she can get near her face, so her hands are covered in spit.
  • She likes the TV (doesn’t really matter what’s on), although we don’t let her watch it too much as she goes all glazed and non-blinky.
  • She’s shy around groups of strange people, but very chatty when just with her mum or dad. Her vocabulary is still mostly goos and gahs though.
  • She likes being able to see us whenever she’s awake.
  • I actually felt angry at her tonight, as I was trying to cook dinner and every time I stopped paying attention to her she would instantly start howling. Fortunately she is a cute baby and smells great so I quickly forgave her.