Dear ABC|iView


I think it’s awesome that the ABC is offering TV shows online, but I have problems with *how* they are being offered. By making the iView website one big Adobe Flash application the thing breaks all accessibility guidelines– text is not selectable, the user interface can not be enlarged for the vision impaired, and keyboard navigation is virtually non-existent. Any decent interface, especially a web-based one, should be navigable without a mouse!

I bought a PS3 partly on the promise of iView integration, but I discover now that all it does is open the iView web page, which can ONLY be navigated on the PS3 via the game controller (and not the media remote). So the experience is exactly like using iView on a desktop, only without a mouse, ie: Horrible!

Even if Flash is necessary for the video playback, there is no justification for implementing the whole iView site with it–  something that could have been done more easily, cheaply, openly and more *accessibly* in HTML.

Why o why does the ABC hate the disabled?