Hey, I did some work today!

One of the reasons I started poking at JujuGUI was because of talk about SVG – Scalable Vector Graphic, an emerging standard [?] for drawing high quality resizable images (similar to Macromedia Flash visual quality, but with extra effects like blur and color transformations).

Only it was mostly fixing up the Jujuscript GUI, which is very bad because jujuscript is supposed to be tucked away in a bottom drawer. But seriously, it is very hard to resist the intellectual challenges involved with writing your own script language. It really is a fun thing to do!

In an ideal world where money is not required, one of the things that I would like to do with Jujuscript is to lock down the version 1.0 spec (so that programs written in it will continue to work), and see people using it as an introductory play language.

The current [dusty old] implementation has the following things going for it:

  1. Single executable under 350K (compressed EXE is 180K, small enough to create "self-executing" scripts).
  2. No DLLs (or other files) required.
  3. Fast startup (1 second on p3-550). That means that my calculator script (as seen here) is up and running from scratch within a second.

I know there are a bunch of other well established script languages out there but I haven’t come across any that meet those criteria. I really hate having to spend an hour bollocking about with complex installers just to try out a new language/IDE/whatever, but last time I checked there was no EasyPerl Lite or SimpleJava download under a meg. It’s one thing to boast that a program can be written in a single line of language Foo, but what about one which requires no install or registration, and can see you editing and executing code within seconds of launch? [If you know of something that works like this, let me know coz I’d love to try it – the closest I know of is Javascript, courtesy of your favourite browser, but editing and debugging is not much fun unless you’ve installed DevStudio or similar]