Polly, 4 months in and already bored


We took her to the doctor for some 4 month jabs on Friday, which she did not much enjoy, but on the whole she dealt with the ordeal reasonably well. She had her first official weigh-in for a while and measured just shy of 8.4 kg, which means she’s as well nourished as ever (length 66cm).

She has grown quite fond of her dummy (pacifier) and loves to scrunch and manipulate stuff. She is not quite rolling over yet but we are expecting her to work it out any day, as she is certainly making more of an effort to move herself around. She is becoming like an owl in that she seems to be able to swivel her head a crazy amount to see what’s going on behind her, and (coincidentally?) she also has razor sharp talons that grow faster than bamboo and a remarkable bite force for someone with no teeth.