I took this last week off to try to catch up on sleep and a few odd jobs. My main project is the construction of a new mini-office space, as my current office does double duty as Polly’s bedroom and it’s just a bit awkward to juggle that. If all goes to plan, she will have her own room (nursery?) soon, and I’ll be commuting to work by walking downstairs (exercise!).

So far it’s not much to look at, but at least I finally made some tangible progress today, putting up a frame and hanging the door.


All that crap on the other side of the wall frame is where my new office will ultimately be (in theory by Monday!). On the near side of the wall will be the now-truncated rumpus room, where visiting nieces will continue to be welcome to play Lego Batman on Xbox and scatter corn chips about.

This is my first ever wall building project, and a truly vast amount of my time and energy this week has gone into making plans, visiting the hardware store, and then totally changing my mind. It was originally to be a classic stud wall with gyprock cladding (drywall), but kind of morphed as I thought about the different materials involved and how little I was into the idea of plastering and painting, so now it’s going to be a semi-permanent wall using doors as panelling instead of plasterboard. This should make it stronger and easier to remove if/when it’s no longer needed, while giving the whole thing a retro minimal vibe from outside.

Although the idea of an office with no actual windows might seem like a really bad idea, even when I do have a window in my office I always end up leaving the blinds closed anyway, so I’m treating the absence of natural light as a challenge to be solved with various flavours of LED trickery. I may even attempt something like a fake window effect, but that’s probably a project for some other weekend. (Adequate ventilation on the other hand is something I need to finalise before I start working in there.)

Worst case scenario: it turns out to be a terrible space to work and so we just use it as a store room, so my efforts aren’t completely in vain.