I know this

Hey, did you hear they’re going to make invisible planes soon? How cool eh? Just like Wonder Woman’s stupid jet. Here’s an incredibly convincing picture from an equally convincing article:


You see it’s apparently totally possible because it’s not actually invisible, it’s just magic technology projecting the scenery on the interior of the plane. Brilliant!

Except actually stupid!

The reason this is a stupid idea is not because it is expensive, unnecessary and unnerving, but because it simply can’t be done, and anyone who suggests it can obviously has not sought the opinion of anyone who has a clue about optics or aircraft. After checking the comments on this article, I realised that no one had really pointed this out, so I decided to do so.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 1.06.13 am

The problem with saying something smart on the internet, is that some people are so used to everyone else being wrong, that they often don’t think about it much before assuming they know better.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 1.06.13 am

Sturla Molden, he gets it. But then there’s this th3r0n guy. I mean, he has numbers in his name so he must be some kind of nerd genius right? Not about this he’s not. I am somewhat annoyed at his poorly reasoned dismissal of my criticism, and so feel it’s now extra important that people understand just how stupid the ‘project exterior onto interior’ idea is. It’s like, REALLY stupid, and yet no one seems to understand this!

I attempted to add a reply to further clarify the issue, but it turns out this is one of those terrible comment systems that only tells you the thread is closed AFTER you have entered your comment and clicked POST.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 1.06.13 am

And so, because I have to record it somewhere or I will go mad, here is my [attempted] reply to the incorrect correction, further elaborating on my original, actually correct criticism:

I don’t know what led you to make this assertion, but it is not correct.

Imagine sitting in your seat, enjoying what seems to be an amazing panoramic view. You look to your right, at the horizon projected on the wall beside you. Place your finger on the wall so it’s touching the horizon. Now realise that a person standing up should see the horizon at their eye level, but instead will be looking down at the level of your finger. The distortion for all the other viewers in the cabin would be ridiculously bad.

Another example, imaging you are sitting towards the back of the plane, heading east, and you see a beautiful full moon rising. From where you are sitting it is superimposed over an exit door near the front. Hold your thumb up and you can obscure it. Now imagine what the person next to the exit door sees. An entire wall of bright shiny (distorted) moon blasting at them.

If I seem a little pedantic and/or smug, then fine, I don’t care. This is an area in which I have earned that right. I know the rules about projection and parallax and occlusion.

You know how words on a t-shirt are flipped in a mirror, but only left-right and never up-down? I KNOW WHY THAT IS.

How the moon seems bigger on the horizon? I CAN EXPLAIN THAT.

How the eyes on a well painted portrait seem to follow your around the room? TOO EASY!