Hello World!

As posts here get a little sparse, I’m switching to the Disqus comment system, mainly because it means you can sign in with your preferred network and track replies etc more easily. Disqus seems to be pretty ubiquitous lately, to the point where if you want to have a reasonably functional comment and threading system which people will actually use, it’s either this or Facebook.

Note that all past comments have been imported into the new system, but currently show up with generic avatars. If you have commented here in the past (with a valid email) please consider doing a ‘merge’ as described on this page. If you do so your avatar (and name if you choose something different) will be updated in all the old threads and you will be able to track upvotes, replies etc.

It’s really not that tricky, you just need to sign in with the same email and then choose to “Merge” the comments attributed to that email address. Another benefit of doing so is that you get to edit or delete your own comments.