OM-D E-M10


Bought myself a new camera recently, after an awful lot of vacillating about it (since iPhones are almost always good enough for anything I would want to shoot).

As with so much technology, I find myself simultaneously impressed by the hardware while being annoyed by shitty software and firmware.


The Good

  • Basically this is a really nice ‘enthusiast’ level camera, and I’ve barely even started to understand most of the functionality, so best just to refer you to DPReview (the place to go if you’re researching cameras to buy).
  • It has that classic silver and black look that makes no difference to the photos, but makes it somehow feel more… authentic?
  • It has amazing image-stabilisation built in (sensor based, 3-axis), which is rather important for Mr Shaky Hands here.
  • I got it for 20% off (or 36% off if you believe the nonsense RRPs that camera manufacturers stick on their product pages)
  • I can take extra nice Polly pics now.
  • It gives me something to hide behind at social events where I don’t know many people.

The Bad

  • Doesn’t charge from USB, so you have to actually pop the battery out and stick it in its own custom charger. Can’t believe this is still a thing.
  • On a related note: NO EXTERNAL POWER OPTION. Again, could have been solved by using USB power.
  • Host only Wifi. One of the cool features becoming standard with digital cameras is Wifi, which sounds great (in the picture above I am actually taking the photo remotely, using my iPhone to control the new camera), but there’s a major pain about the way Olympus (and others?) implement wireless connectivity; namely that it’s host only, ie: your camera becomes a wifi hotspot and you connect to it with your phone. See the problem here? In order to connect to the camera you first have to disconnect from any regular wifi, thereby losing internet access (at least if you’re using iOS). In typical tech journo fashion, this article neglects to point out this limitation, while going on to praise…
  • OI.Share – the app for controlling the camera remotely is probably the ugliest, flakiest app I currently have installed on my iPhone.
  • Olympus Viewer 3 – probably the ugliest, least intuitive application I have installed on my iMac.