is confirmation that Apple’s bundled software is somehow getting worse

After tolerating the iPhoto desktop application for many years, I was really looking forward to its replacement,

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to discover that this long awaited piece of the Apple ecosystem would be just a slightly revamped iPhoto, with all the shittiness of the old iPhotos app retained, and a few extra screwups thrown in for good measure.


  • Better Facebook integration.
  • Better control over image rotation when editing.
  • Automatic grouping of photo bursts.


  • Moronic inability to distinguish between a photo in a stream and the exact same photo in local library. This is exactly the sort of stuff a user should never have to think about, but instead you get stupid prompts whenever you try to edit a photo direct from a stream.
  • When importing photos from an iPhone, you can select ‘delete after import’, but this will only delete photos that have not already been imported automatically via Photostream.
  • Photo streams are still woefully crap and slow to load in web pages (the only way to share with non-ios users), videos play badly or not at all, and there is still no way to separate stream subscribers from stream curators.

Even Worse

  • If you still have photos on your phone and you want to clear them (maybe because your phone has much less storage than your computer), there is no longer a simple button to do this. You’ll now have to open the Photos app on your phone to empty the camera roll.
  • When importing photos from an iPhone, there is often an occasion where some photos have been imported automatically (via Photostream) between the time you connect the phone and the time you go to manually import. In iPhoto, this would cause a moronic dialog box to pop up and ask if you want to import these ‘duplicate’ photos, and that was really annoying. has gone one step worse and simply doesn’t ask, but goes ahead and duplicates the photos.
  • Shared streams show up in the sidebar (which is of course off by default), and when a stream is viewed the photos are sorted oldest-to-newest. This wouldn’t be so bad, except that each time you return to them the scroll position is reset to the top again, so you will always be looking at the oldest photos in a stream, rather than the newest. This goes against the whole concept of the ‘stream’.
  • Sharing a photo to an iCloud stream shows no confirmation, progress or feedback whatsoever, and the photos take a while to show up in the local version of the stream. This means you might assume it failed to share and end up posting the same photo more than once (and more than 30 minutes after correcting such a mistake I am still seeing 4 duplicate photos in a publicly shared photo stream.)

Honestly, I can’t understand how Apple keep fucking this up. The only ‘hard’ thing about a photo management app is the storage itself, everything else should be easy. Recognizing and avoiding duplicates should be EASY. Displaying streams in the correct order should be EASY.