Meanwhile, 6 months later…

Ok, I think this poor blog might be done.

I feel bad for my poor blog, the infrequency with which it is updated, and the knowledge that the methods for subscribing to it are no longer relevant to the vast majority of the online populace.

Even the word ‘blog’ feels weirdly anachronistic now, and I blame Google and Facebook in about equal measure for accelerating its demise. Google killed Reader to make way for the abysmal Google+, and thus hammer the final nail into the coffin of RSS. And Facebook is just a giant reverse asshole sucking everyone and everything into it, herding content providers into a walled garden of updates based on the worst reading habits of people that for the most part you probably barely know. I stopped posting Facebook links to my blog years ago, because I don’t want or expect anyone there to read what I write here. In my mind the whole point of a blog is for it to be read by people who have decided that the content is interesting in its own right (and have subscribed directly), or to be stumbled upon via a Google search.

And how dismal is it that authoring and posting a few paragraphs of text suddenly now requires yet another [consolidated, for-profit] ‘platform’ instead of just being on a website with a feed. I think Medium is my least favourite incarnation of the trend, with its pretension to curated quality it’s really just the minimal blog version of the original HuffPo, waiting to be bought by some bigger fish for a billion dollars in a deal which will offer exactly zero remuneration to the authors who generate its content and reputation.

Of course this is not the primary reason I’ve lost the drive to blog… it’s mainly down to a stunning lack of spare time/thoughts.