Tiny Things

Got a new toy today, a cheap USB microscope. Even though the quality isn’t great, it’s so much better than looking through an eyepiece, with the obvious bonus that you can record images and movies.

Here’s a clip I put together with it and a couple of hours of swearing at iMovie (warning: contains gametes!). I also added Jon Brion’s Spotless Mind for a soundtrack, because it fit the length almost perfectly.

Hopefully that wasn’t too disturbing for anyone. It’s the first time I’ve ever verified that anything motile comes out of my gonads, so that’s an interesting thing for me at least.

One weak point of the microscope is the camera itself, which is basically a super cheap and shitty web cam. Would be nice to have something like this with a bracket for an iPhone (which has a much better camera sensor).

PS if you’re a fertility specialist let me know if there’s anything I should be worried about here.