Ocular Redux

It’s almost a year since I had my eye zapped, and unfortunately the regression has been stronger than expected. So at least there’s a reason I’ve been having trouble the last month or so focusing on screen text. Most troubling is the return of my astigmatism, which means I can’t just get by with cheap reading glasses like I had hoped.

I have an appointment with the surgeon lined up and there we will decide if a second round is going to help much. If not, then it’s back to prescription glasses for me :(

UPDATE: After seeing the surgeon it looks like it’s not as bad as I thought, as part of the problem was some scarring/inflamation of the cornea which can be treated with eyedrops, so I probably won’t have to get more lasers shot at my eyeball just yet.

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  1. Michael Toye says:

    That’s a shame. If your eyes change within a short time, is the repeat surgery free/discounted?

    btw, I very much like the new site layout! My only comment is that the page looks asymmetric and odd when you scroll beyond the right hand pane and it’s all black.

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