Adobe buys Macromedia seems like the big tech news of the last 24 hours. As someone else pointed out, that puts one company in control of two of the most important proprietary formats on the web [flash and pdf]. Now they’ve got Flash, does this spell the end of [nearly dead anyway] SVG?

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  1. Ashwin says:

    It’s an interesting question. Perhaps the answer lies (in part) in how the Adobe people feel about it: I believe they released several SVG products. But I’m not sure how alive these are… Also, one should consider how much these technologies actually overlap/compete.

  2. mark says:

    To date, I think Adobe has been the biggest supporter of SVG, but seeing that penetration is still so low [i think most people still don’t know what it is] whereas Flash is already installed on almost every computer, I don’t see a lot of incentive for them to push SVG now.

  3. RichardN says:

    Just add SVG rendering ability to Flash plugin… and PDF rendering as well! icky… This is going to get messy…

  4. Ted Gould says:

    Well, with Firefox 1.1 supporting SVG, rumors of Longhorn supporting it as part of XAML and almost every graphics tool supporting it — SVG may have grown legs of its own.

  5. mark says:

    That does sound promising [I just rushed off to see if FF1.1 was available yet]. My pessimism is based on the current state of affairs, with built-in browser support being surprisingly absent. Without the Adobe plugin most people wouldn’t be able to view SVG images online, and most SVG looks like it could have been done in Flash anyway.

    Looking forward to seeing Mozilla’s native SVG support!

  6. Ashwin says:

    Speaking of promising: I just found out that the hot-of-the-presses Opera 8 has native support for “tiny” SVG.

    Check it out here:

    A small “animated banner” demo plays if you look at the above page using the new version of Opera.

    Groovy, no?

  7. mark says:

    I don’t use Opera, but am curious as to whether the images on this page show up in it.

    Firefox shows nothing at all, and IE with adobe shows images with recessed border around them.

  8. Ashwin says:

    Nope. The images don’t show up in Opera 8.

    Perhaps this has something to do with the fact you’ve compressed the underlying SVG data? I’m not sure… But if you put up the uncompressed stuff I’ll be happy to check.

  9. mark says:

    Changed one to an uncompressed SVG… Firefox now offers to go on a search for a plugin [doesn’t seem to find one]

  10. Ashwin says:

    Yeap, Opera 8 shows the face image. Nice! Zooming works well, too. And I don’t see any odd borders either.

    By the looks of it, I’d say Opera is off to a nice start with its new SVG support! And things’ll only get better from here.

    Alright, now it’s back to work… and deadlines… [sigh]