Consumer ho

Out shopping again today, buying a few things like a new Apple USB Keyboard (my second in as many weeks*) and an electric shaver.

remapping apple keyboard

The keyboard I have now remapped to a more Windows friendly configuration, with left Alt and Windows keys swapped, and the F14/F15/F16 keys replaced with PrintScr/ScrollLock/Pause. Also I remapped the right Alt key (which I never use) to the Windows Application key (which I sometimes use). If you’ve got an Apple keyboard and want to do the same, you can use these settings (registry file for XP/2000 only). I created it using SharpKeys 1.1 which is a pretty simple (and free) app for remapping or disabling any key.

So now that I’ve got it all set up the way I want, let me say that it just feels better than others I’ve tried lately. It has a really small footprint for a full-sized keyboard (although you have to be careful to avoid resting your palm on the left control key). And what I like most about it is the sound– so many devices seem to be made with virtually no concern for the amount of noise they generate (think about the amount of noise the average microwave door makes when it closes), so I really appreciate the relatively quiet clicking of the keys.

BTW, the electric shaver… wow. Believe it or not this is the first time in my life that I have used one, and already I can’t believe I have wasted so much time, blood and shaving cream on razors over the years (not that I shave very often, because I’ve always hated it). Even though I bought the cheapest I could find, this is just so much better– I don’t even have to pay attention! No more Shaggy beard for me…


*UPDATE: Arghh! Ok, I’m withdrawing my recommendation for the Apple keyboard again, because I am experiencing key bounce, just often enough to be noticable. This is happening mostly with the cursor keys but occasionally letters too. I thought it might be an issue with Windows but reading this forum and knowing a bit about basic electronics makes me think that this is actually a result of shonky design by Apple. Momentary contact switches need to be "debounced", which means that two contacts in rapid succession should be treated as a single press, since most switches will have a tendency to make/break contact in an uneven way. Depending on the touch I use I can make it happen quite consistently with my back arrow key– if I hit it hard or really really soft it’s fine, but weirdly if I press lightly (furtively?) it registers as two keystrokes [And it’s nothing to do with key repeat rates].