Something for Polly


Polly is 6 weeks old today, and doing fine. She is over 6kg now, and certainly seems significantly bigger, able to touch both sides of the her cot with arms spread out (and we had initially been looking at this cot and thinking it was unnecessarily large). She mumbles and grunts constantly (especially in her sleep) and is starting to smile quite a bit, and even have a giggle now and then. And man she can fart like nobody’s business.

On a slightly related note I’ve spent much of my weekend working on a new bit of furniture for her (and us), pictured right.

Lately all our baby change crap has accumulated on (what was until recently) the dining table, and this ain’t great long term because a) it would be nice to have a table to eat at again, b) we don’t want to sacrifice more space than is necessary for infant maintenance, and c) it’s far from the bedroom and will be hard to keep warm in the wee hours as winter rolls around.

So I’m making this changing table, to be placed in our small second bathroom, which will become the baby change room. It’s made from scraps of pine from old bed bases and MDF from a built-in wardrobe I tore out of our second bedroom in order to create enough space to turn around.

When you’re a computer programmer, it can be very satisfying to actually work on something real, made out of an actual tangible material and capable of continuing to exist even if the power goes out. I really enjoy trying to work out how to make stuff (and learning from my mistakes). Even better to finally recycle some of that crap I have a tendency to collect thinking “I might find a use for that one day!”

Update: We’ve been using it for the last week, and it’s working out pretty well. Also it’s great to have access to the dining table again!