The 2006 Annual Intepid Awards for Online Goodness

Pharyngula – Best Science Blog. I only discovered this recently but have found myself reading (and commenting) a lot. In a sense I read it more for the politics than the actual science, but hey, it’s still a science blog.

Neopoleon – Best Personal Blog. Entertaining and shamelessly narcissistic. Needs more cartoons.

Woot! – Best…errr.. something. A perfect example of how clever writing can really make a difference.

Language Log – Best Language Log. Lots of great stuff here, about language in media, politics and everyday life.

The Perry Bible Fellowship – Best Web Comic. Surreal and slightly rude, in a variety of visual styles.

Crooks and Liars + Wonkette – Best US Political Commentary. Shamelessly liberal, both of these sites act as clearinghouses for media snippets that will make your blood boil with righteous indignation.

Drawn! – Best Art Blog. Constantly showcasing different work, showing just how much talent is out there (makes me jealous, in a good way).