Define work…

Have been doing stuff today, but mostly relating to HTML Editor, which in theory is for personal use only. I’m simplifying a few things and going for a dual mode approach, where the user can edit a single page or a whole site. So it will either be very simple or quite sophisticated.

For single pages with images on them I might take advantage of the weird system that Windows uses for saving web pages… If you save a page as "Web page, complete" then along with the html file (say, index.htm) will be created a directory with the same name plus "_files". So if you save this page to your desktop you will see "index.htm" along with an "index_files" folder. What’s really interesting [some might say kludgy or even crufty] is that if you now move or delete the htm file the new folder will automatically be moved or deleted along with it. It actually appears that the file manager (explorer.exe) tracks these files by name, and does whatever it can to keep them together, so that relative links to images, scripts and style sheets dont get screwed up.

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