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Things that make me stabby

Well the cat (whose name turns out to be Sox) and her kittens are long gone (the owner moved away) and I miss them terribly. Cute furry baby animals have a way of melting a stone cold heart even after a day of reading articles and listening to podcasts about how the richest country in the world is being held hostage by the fattest and cruelest insurance companies in the world, how douchebag Christian evangelists Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron are distributing a copy of Darwin’s Origin with a foreword attempting to undermine the work of a man who’s been dead for more than a century (and is therefore unable to call them out on their intellectual vandalism), and how my own home country of Australia is refusing to accept that it just isn’t cool to do a Jackson Five routine in blackface on prime-time TV.

Traffic in Auckland was a bitch today, and I had the urge to give the finger to every single motorist, even the ones who weren’t in my way.