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This Too Shall Pass

For some unfathomable reason, a friend sent me a link to this rare treat: an OK Go video I’ve not seen before!

If you haven’t already seen the Rube Goldberg video they shot for this song, you should really check it out too.


Today was a no computer kind of day– I’ve only just started it up to create this post. I decided I needed to do something with my hands that didn’t involve typing for a change, and I’ve been getting the shits with my walls lately. Yes, my walls. They are a drab grey-blue, and I had stuck some plastic film up to use as a super cheap whiteboard, but unfortunately it was also super ugly too.

Classy eh? I previously had an actual whiteboard there but it was too small, and unfortunately the large ones cost about a million dollars. So today I decided to revisit an old habit from my youth, which is to paint shit black.

So much better! Even if I had a whiteboard this size, I’m just sick of the things. There’s no texture to a whiteboard, and nothing to match the tactility of drawing with chalk. And yes, chalk is dusty, but you can’t have everything. The surfaces are pristine at the moment because I want to give the paint at least a day to dry fully before using it, and speaking of paint I might have to wrap this post up and go for a walk because these fumes are making me woozy…

Lando 1.1 submitted for review

For the second time XCode told me my app passed automatic verification and could be submitted, but then once it was uploaded and submitted it was instantly [automatically] rejected because:

Invalid Signature – Make sure you have signed your application with a distribution certificate, not an ad hoc certificate or a development certificate. Verify that the code signing settings in Xcode are correct at the target level (which override any values at the project level).

The only way I can fix is to do as it says, which would be no big deal except that if I make this change then the binary can’t be run on my own devices because I am prohibited from installing the distribution profile on them. This seems kind of weird to me because it means the actual build I upload to Apple can’t even be run on my own devices. If anyone can explain how to get around this problem please let me know here.

An HTML countdown timer with no bullshit

I got sick of trying to find a nice, simple, non-flash implementation, so made my own. Feel free to steal it for your own use. One very cheery way to use a countdown timer is as a life-clock, for instance the following link shows how much of my tender 30s I have left.

Params are as follows (all are optional):

y: full year eg 2014, defaults to current
m: month (1-12), defaults to current
d: day of month (1-31), defaults to current
h: hour (0-23), defaults to 0
n: minute (0-59), defaults to 0
s: second (0-59), defaults to 0
tm: countdown seconds from page load, overrides all above time parameters
title: top line of text, defaults to nothing
until: bottom line of text, defaults to deadline date-time string
fs: font-size, affects all text, defaults to 100%
tc: text color for timer digits, defaults to black
wc: text color for timer digits during warning period, defaults to red
wp: warning period in seconds, defaults to 600 (10 minutes)

Happy Passover/Easter/Spring-Festivus etc

Fairly unsurprising survey results…

You know that survey I posted a couple of months back that hardly any of you bothered to fill out? Well it is now closed, so you no longer get to contribute to the results.

Also, not enough of you are definitely women.

The reason I paid to see The Social Network

Is because the Scala & Kolacny Brothers‘ cover of Radiohead’s Creep was used in the trailer.

There are loads of different edits of this out there, and this is the only one I could find with decent audio and video that wasn’t just a hacky slideshow. What I would really like to see is a recut of the official trailer but without any of the actual clips or dialog from the movie.

Also, if you haven’t seen Catfish, you should see it, it’s really good.

PS Amanda Palmer does a pretty good Creep too…

Bravo This

I like that the implicit message here is “Those assholes who make your life hell will never get a job at Apple”

Little Atoms – David Eagleman on our stupid brains…

In the same vein as the conversations that inspired my decision to create the original compact, Neil Denny talks to David Eagleman about the composite nature of the human mind and the Ulysses Contract, or how we have to trick and bargain our brains into doing what we want.

David Eagleman on Little Atoms

I just have to add here that Little Atoms has the shittiest and most unnavigable website for a podcast I have yet seen. Just think of it as a blog with audio files attached, guys– it’s not that hard!

Lando: Week One

Well the first week’s download figures for Lando are in, and after the first day I have to say it was all rather downhill from there…

This is not actually so terrible though, since a) the product is barely a product at this point, and b) there has been nothing even approaching any kind of marketing/PR effort for it. That it was downloaded at all I can only assume has something to do with it randomly popping up on “Just Added” lists.

Total downloads for the week was 351, with the top ten countries:

  1. USA – 142
  2. China – 38
  3. Australia – 22
  4. UK – 18
  5. Canada – 15
  6. Japan – 11
  7. Taiwan – 10
  8. Russia – 10
  9. Italy – 8
  10. Mexico – 6

Meantime I’m doing lots of experimenting with UI controls and trying to optimize some of the shitty buffer performance I’ve been seeing on the iPad. An interesting note is that indexed color seems very poorly optimized in iOS right now, so it’s actually faster to work in 24/32 bit color than with 8-bit indexed.

Lando: Day One

I’m sure there are a lot of jaded desktop developers who, like me, have been meaning to try out the App Store and just haven’t got around to it, and might be wondering if they’ve missed the gravy train/gold rush/random metaphor.

I plan to be as open as possible about the progress of Lando as I evolve it into a saleable product, and maybe this will inspire (or deter?) others to have a stab at it.

Here’s my first full day’s breakdown of (free) downloads from the App Store.

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Guess what day it is!