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Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

I had thought most of the drawings I’d done back around 1990 were lost forever, just because I had no idea what happened to them. But it turns out a bunch of them survived and were tucked away by my brother, who just gave me a small folder of stuff I had mostly forgotten about.

The thing that strikes me more than anything is that these things are a testament to the fact that I once had the ability to sit down and focus on a single task for at least an hour at a time. Although I could [probably] technically still execute any particular feature of a drawing like this, I think it might actually be impossible for me to find the focus to produce a complete image. I would likely get bored and restless very quickly and look for something else to do. Still, seeing these images again after all this time makes me wonder if I should challenge myself to try a bit of analogue art again, after all these years.

BTW I’m assuming there’s loads of symbolism buried in the background there but I’ve no idea what it means. Like what’s with the plant that seems to be inside and outside simultaneously? And the envelope? The hammer is probably just a bit of Pink Floyd influence…

Why I am a Programmer


Because it would take me a day to draw this image by hand, and I would do a worse job of it. There are endless possibilities in generative design.


bone heads

I need to draw more often– this is the best of about 5 sketches today. I think it’s one of those skills that fades over time.

Post Christmas Post

evil santa

Evil Santa indicates the true meaning of christmas (out of shot).

This is one of the first pictures I created when I tried out Painter 5.0 + graphics tablet, several years ago. I really should have drawn something new and made cards this year, but unfortunately I have been just too damn lazy.

And here’s a semaphore elf (also of christmas past).

semaphore elf

You can see a lot less work has gone into this one, and it’s mostly compositing. Next year I will make cool stuff again, so I guess that’s my first resolution for 2007.

Gift-wise, I think my ideology is showing… For christmas this year I received both The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and [finally] Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion.


zooma zoom zoom

My pictorial output has been pitiful lately, what with all the working, moping, eating and hair-coloring. Jujusketch is still in super crappo prototype concept phase, in spite of the fact that people have expressed interest everytime I’ve talked about it. Meh. One of these days I’m going to put aside a bit of time to work on Drivey too– it’s been so damn long since I had anything new to show.

I seem to have a lot of visitors at the moment but I’m not sure where they’re coming from (no obvious surge in referrer traffic). Hi to all who are new here, hope you’re real people and not just some weirdo forcing a refresh on my front page every 5 minutes…


BTW Drivey related posts can be viewed using http://intepid.com/sub/drivey

Random Dot Stereograms

Can you spot the animal in this picture?

Form & Function

silhouetted fowl

All these black and white images are a result of me trying to get into the habit of using my own software again. Jujusketch has potential but still no user interface (unless you count the keyboard as a user interface), and I’m trying to decide what it should look like. Minimal is a word that comes to mind. I don’t want palettes and swatches all over the place, à la Photoshop and Illustrator, and I don’t want a dense heirarchy of menus, à la the execrable Gimp.

Also, I have very little time to spare for this project (or any other right now) so my goal must be: super simple, minimal functionality, non intrusive and somehow very intuitive.

Easy peasy!

Creepy Baby

creep baby

Software draws better than I do…

… and further, software is the only thing that enables me to draw at all these days. It’s been a very long time since I produced a sketch on paper, but I don’t miss it at all. The texture, the weight, the smell etc of paper just doesn’t grab me. Or perhaps I should say it does grab me but it doesn’t inspire me to permanently mark it. The last time I tried "real-life" drawing I sat down with a book and a pen and scribbled an ugly ugly picture of a bay. It took me a long time, and looked like total crap in my opinion– look, here it is now:

Funnily enough it actually looks better in this context than it does in my sketchbook.

Untitled #547

Self-portrait: VERY Grumpy

Although it wasn’t what I was originally grumpy about in this picture, it appears that intepid was just briefly pwned by someone. The front page was replaced with the words

A1TS OWNZ J00! by: v0lks

for about half an hour. I’ll be interested to know how they gained access– the words “internet cafe” spring to mind…


It looks like it was done using a well known XML-RPC exploit, common in older blogging systems, which gives people the ability to inject arbitrary code.

So there’s another good reason to upgrade to WordPress 1.5.

Mr Skull

Mr Skull

– an animation I made many years ago using Fractal Painter 5.0 and a graphics tablet. Found while sorting through some old backups.