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Still Life²

[ also exported as an SVG file – which would be a fantastic format if it were natively supported in browsers ]

Scribbling with JujuSketch again… hopefully I’ll post a version here sometime for Wacom enabled people to try out, but then I’ve promised that before, so don’t count on it anytime soon [sorry!]


Drivey downloads are starting to wane, having dropped back to around 4 or 5 per hour, and I’m trying not to feel too sad about it. I’ve traced back a bunch of the referrers, and some of the reactions are extremely encouraging [ eg here, here and here ]. The mini-comments that people choose to attach to their del.icio.us links are fairly indicative of the overall response, and give me the feeling that people really “get it”.


Did some PHP scripting to allow Bloglines and Del.icio.us links to appear on the sidebar without hitting their sites every single page load [which slows down my page loads and wastes their bandwidth] Now the links and blogroll will be cached for at least an hour on my server. Another benefit of doing it this way is that if/when their services go down you’ll still get the “last known good” data, and not some hideous PHP error message.

If anyone wants to know how to do this for their own site, let me know in the comments section.


Nicole Kidman didn’t get Australian of the Year, thank god! I mean she’s lovely and everything but that would have been almost as fawning toadying handjob-giving lame as GWB winning Time’s Man of the Year [again].


Am houseminding at the mo’, and have been using a DVD recorder for the first time ever… it’s very cool! Also used a dishwasher for the first time… it’s marginally cool!


Shaun recently discovered amongst his papers this creepy picture I drew in high school – probably during a maths class. I guess that must be a boiler depicted at the back there, with some pipe-thingies around it… and that mustachioed dude is gonna clobber the chimpy bad posture guy with a hammer because he leaves tools lying around on the floor, including screwdrivers which probably aren’t even required for boiler maintenance…