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The perils of letting your significant other comment on your blog…

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Loosely inspired by this hilarious comic and this charming dicussion.

UPDATE: Well, what do you know, at some point some comments in that thread have been disappeared (including one of mine). How lucky then that I grabbed a snapshot of the page before this happened, and so the exchange is preserved for posterity below…

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Things I’ve learned about Ruby on Rails

  1. Don’t use a model named Attribute, because “has_many :attributes” will bust your code for reasons I honestly have no interest in
  2. Instead of the popular string.replace(/foo/g, “bar”) convention for doing find and replace in strings, Ruby uses a funtion called gsub, thereby stealing another 5 minutes+ of my time looking this shit up for no good reason.
  3. There is some cleverness in RoR, but it is so bound up in brittle naming conventions that I doubt I will ever appreciate it. Especially the automatic assumptions based on pluralization of identifiers… god I hate this nonsense. Compared to this Python’s semantic whitespace is positively charming.
  4. Even though rand(n) returns a random integer from 0 and n-1, the condition “if rand(2)” will always be true, so you’ll have to write it as “if rand(2)==1”.
  5. default_scope would be very useful if it could be easily overridden in named_scopes. Unfortunately this is not possible, so a potentially convenient feature becomes an evil hack which you’ll have to remove at some point when it bites you in the ass.

(unfortunately I did not draw this comic)

I’ve been working in RoR for a few months now, and on the whole I think it is a pile of crap designed to help you write web apps for 2004. Contrast this with 2 other technologies, Git and jQuery, which I’ve utterly assimilated and embraced within the same period of time. Honestly I’d rather be working in PHP, because it doesn’t impose a methodology on you, nor create a million files for a “hello world” application.



Spot the libertarian…


Some things are not really funny


The Usual Suspects

(from memory)

we are some robots

I always thought of Robbie (Forbidden Planet) and Robot (Lost in Space) as being very similar, but now that I draw them I realize the only thing they have in common is a plexiglass head. The giant robot from Dr Who I can’t remember very well at all– that’s supposed to be him third from the left. I would have drawn Hector, but unfortunately I can’t remember what he looked like, except that his (organic) brain was inside his torso, and where his head should be were only glowing eyes on a mechanical arm. The floating midget bot is V.I.N.CENT (The Black Hole), and is also how I remember Huey, Dewey and Louie (Silent Running)– except I don’t think they could hover, so I’ve no idea what their undercarriage looked like.

Belated props to the creator of Robbie for not resorting to flexible plastic ducting for his limbs :)

Oh crap, is it that time already?

you have 14 days to comply!

It was about a year ago now that I told the Australian Tax Office that I would pay them back the money I owe (+ the extra 100% due to their extortionate goddam interest rate), and now it seems they want to collect the balance outstanding.

So I’m going to give it to them, all of it, even though it’s going to squeeze me to the limit and max out my credit. I am not going to ask for an extension, I am just going to pay the bastards, just so I don’t have to get their obnoxious "you must comply with us or else" letters anymore. Read the earlier post regarding my attempt to negotiate terms with them and you’ll know why this leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

Mickey the Rat

Mickey the Rat


When I was a young lad I liked to draw Garfield, painstakingly recreating the exact same pose over and over again. This was back in the 80’s, before he contracted elephantitis, which caused his feet to swell until they were larger than the rest of his body.

It’s a shame that it took so long for the strip to die, since it seemed like the last ten years were little more than Garfield being bored, or implying that Jon was boring, or commenting on how television was boring, etc etc.

Untitled #605

“Please, kill me…”

Untitled #601

Easter Grinch

easter bunny yummy