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Downsizing & Branding

My jujusoft hosting account expired yesterday, and instead of renewing for another year I decided to cancel it. That doesn’t mean I don’t own jujusoft.com anymore, just that I’m now mapping it to the same server I use for intepid, and for now not even bothering to rebuild the [tacky looking WordPress based] site, because I have other stuff I’m working on. I have retained a basic page for Jujuedit though, since people still need to download that.

I also had to do a bit of a mad dash to grab the database for my private scrabble app since it was also hosted on the server I was letting go (I remembered this after I ticked the “delete my account and don’t bother me again” option on the renewal form).

As you can see I have played an awful lot of games on this thing, and my win ratio is actually below 50% right now, although it has been slowly creeping up over the last few months.

I own the jujusoft.com domain name for another 6 months or so, although to be honest I am a bit sick of the name, because any name of the form “____soft” is starting to feel very dated and unnecessarily specific to the creation of software… a practice which I’ve been increasingly flakey with. I’d change it to something like Studio Juju if that wasn’t already taken.

Dog Food

I can’t believe I haven’t used the term here before. To eat one’s own dog food is a common expression in the software industry, referring to the practice of using one’s own products (on an everyday basis).

For years now Jujuedit has been my primary text editor, and all my web pages and blog entries are composed using my dodgy unnamed HTML editor.

Most drawings are created using Jujusketch, although often I need to use additional software to create images ready for posting.

At work I’ve requisitioned an unused graphics tablet so I can try to use Jujusketch for quick sketches, but there is some way to go before it is really ready. The lack of tools to draw simple shapes like rectangles and circles and the ability to easily construct pictures from straight lines is a bit of a limitation.

I also need to add a bitmap copy mode so that I can paste an image straight into an email (there’s already a vector copy mode for pasting into rich text documents, but I need to adjust the scale to make it useful).

JujuSketch 0.00001

spongecubeFor a possibly limited time only [depending on how many complaints I get about it being confusing ;)] you can download the latest test version of Jujusketch:

> Download Jujusketch <

NOTE: that it requires WINTAB[32].DLL to be installed– ie you must already have a graphics tablet. Also it has been tested with only two type of tablet so far, Wacom and Genius, and already there are observable differences– tablet drivers seem to date back to the dark ages of Windows :( If anyone knows of another API I should be using please let me know.

Keyboard shortcuts:

P: Toggle pressure sensitivity
S: lasso select mode
D: draw mode
Ctrl+C: copy all or selected (should place meta data on clipboard which can paste into office etc)
Space: toggle stroke or fill mode
W/K: Set color to White/Black
R/G/B: Mix color to Red/Green or Blue
Ctrl + pen: Pan
Shift + pen: Zoom/Rotate
Backspace: delete last shape.
Ctrl+Z/Y: Undo/Redo
Alt-PgDown/PgUp: Move to next/previous picture in sketchbook folder
etc…lots of temp/test stuff in there… if you end up in some weird mode just close and restart :)

You just run the executable (there is no install process and it should be happy to run from any location). It will create a Sketchbook folder in My Documents where it will automatically save your drawings.


tiny dalekI have to post this animated gif I created yesterday, since suddenly I have Daleks on the brain again. It’s from the same model I rendered in chrome ages ago. [ click for larger version ]


JujuEdit finally gets an official update, so here’s hoping it’s as robust as it seems. I am still a software provider!


Temptation is an Australian quiz show [the new Sale of the Century ] on which I would like to win lots of money, but unfortunately in a recent audition I didn’t even make the first level cutoff– Very disheartening! Basically about 150 of us squeezed into a room and wrote the answers to 50 spoken questions on a sheet of paper, and when the questions were finished we swapped papers and tallied the correct answers. The cutoff was 27/50, and I only scored 23, so it was a bit of a blow to the old ego…


Half-Life 2 is still the best game ever… I was reminded of it after becoming frustrated with the rather uninspired Doom 3 [on our slightly disfunctional xbox], and before I knew it I was playing through it all over again! I eagerly await the sequel, Aftermath

Cool… I mean, w00t!

Just checked my [much neglected] www.jujusoft.com server stats and look at what I found!

That big blue spikey thing represents visitors to my Drivey page, which as you can see has sort of risen a tad in the last day or two. Further investigation of the log files shows:

  1. Most of the new visitors are thanks to Del.icio.us links, a service which seems to be growing in popularity but I haven’t actually tried myself. [ UPDATE: further investigation shows that most of the traffic is coming in from just 2 sites: Waxy.org and O Velho ]
  2. More than half of those visitors are actually downloading the demo [488 so far – big numbers for me!]
  3. The rush has not necessarily peaked yet… downloads are still going strong right up to the end of the log, with a new one occurring every 5 minutes or so.

I’m keeping an eye on overall traffic, but at this point I’m not worried about exceeding my allotted bandwidth – unless it keeps up like this for the next week or so. If it’s still this strong tomorrow I might reduce the page-bandwidth a little, since there are quite a few images there, and it all adds up.

You know, sometimes it’s nice to be popular for a while :)