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Sun shower

A pic from the front of my house at sunset as it was starting to rain again. Mmmmmm…. atmos.

Sun Shower

Fewer Voices

With my new diet and exercise regime, I am doing a lot of walking lately. The fact that it’s a beautiful time of year and I live on the coast makes it fairly easy to do this.

My usual habit when walking or driving is to listen to podcasts, but I am starting to find myself running out of new things to listen to, what with the extra time spent out. One option is to go find some more podcasts to listen to, but I’m starting to think there is a better one: Listen to fewer podcasts.

I’m so accustomed to hearing a perpetual stream of interesting people saying interesting things, that I think I might have lost touch with my own thoughts. On a recent long drive I accidentally started playing music rather than podcasts, and was surprised to notice how peaceful it was to drive without listening to people talk. My mind went to a whole new place, filling the vacuum with original thoughts, and I had all sorts of fun and interesting ideas in a way I haven’t for ages.

So from now on I’m going to try to make sure that I reserve for myself some proper thinking time, where I let my mind wander instead of perpetually distracting it with everyone else’s ideas. It doesn’t mean I’m magically going to get more work done, but it does make random inspiration far more likely.

Tranquility Base

The Moon

(click any of the shots below to embiggen)

It’s surprisingly hard to take a decent pic of the moon, but this at least looks quite eery and cool. Way over-exposed but I’ve basically forgotten how to use my camera correctly…

UPDATE: Here are some more shots from the following evening, this time less like night-filter (I still haven’t a hope in hell of capturing any lunar surface detail unless I wanna start seriously spending)


Another Day

Well I missed my first mini-deadline last night, so have reset the clock for tonight. Must try not to make a habit of this, otherwise the deadlines become meaningless.

It’s a beautiful day here; clear, crisp and breezy. Great for doing housework and washing and such– at least these deadlines help me tidy up around the place– as well as digging out my poor neglected DSLR and having a bit of a play. Here’s a lovely closeup of yours truly looking chipper and cheerful as always.

I just want to say here that I am really, really sorry if this is how pissed off I look in real life, because for the most part I’m not– bloggy rants notwithstanding. I think I was just having a bad day sometime back in the 80s when the wind changed.

Also I have finally made an appointment for a laser eye surgery consult, so assuming I’m a viable candidate those crooked glasses could soon be a thing of the past!