A Very Basic Sparkline Builder

Edward Tufte coined the term Sparkline to mean "intense word size graphics" for use in information display. To find out more, visit his site.

This page is a simple interface to my own basic PHP sparkline implementation. Really it's just a quick way to generate a graph based on some comma-separated values; I currently use it for quick glance traffic monitoring on my web log. You can see the PHP source here. [provided AS IS — feel free to do what you like with it]

Solid color:
Gap width:
Data series (comma separated values):

Your new sparkline should appear here:
(unless Javascript is disabled, in which case it should open in a new window.)

NOTE: Since this is a sample/test page the URI of this image may change in the future, so if you want to keep it you should save it as a new image.

Mark Pursey