Day 4

Bubs is home, and no longer ‘chubs’, since she’s lost some of the original swelling/puffiness that made her look a bit too much like grumpy Churchill. The following photos are taken a day apart and you can see her cute-ification in progress.

IMG_4310 IMG_4326

We are all pretty low on sleep right now but it feels a bit less strange every day.

She seems to be less shriek-y today, which is nice.

39w2d – Untitled


AKA Chubs MacGee, Bubs, Moly Baby

She is pretty hefty, at 4.15 kg (9.16 lb)


… and counting.

Trying to decide the best way to spend one’s last child-free weekends is tough. There is so much to do around the house that I still haven’t got to, so many half-baked plans. Instead I just slept most of this weekend away; I find myself preternaturally tired– perhaps sleep-banking…?

Google does Sochi

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 3.45.26 pm




A bit harder to get a decent image now that she’s getting rather cramped in there. She looks fairly content though.

How to make me hate you in one easy step

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 10.35.17 am

- a comment posted on a dear friend’s Facebook update about starting chemotherapy for cancer

View from my roof


This NYE I won’t be climbing on the roof to watch fireworks, as there aren’t really any to speak of in my area. So I climbed up a day early to investigate the cause of a small leak in our ceiling. Turns out it’s yet another example of bodgy work left by previous owners and/or tradesmen.


I’m considering removing the solar heating anyway as I’ve not switched on the pump for it in months, the hosing is obviously catching leaves and detritus, and the pool is quite swimmable anyway on a warm day (I noticed no difference switching off the heating).

I’m much keener of the idea of rigging it so that the waste heat from the A/C goes towards heating the pool instead. This is such a stupendously obvious idea that I’m surprised it was so hard to find any decent example of it being offered for home use, and even now I’ve so far only found one company that does it: Hotspot Energy. It may be a little complicated with piping and such, but could it be any worse than nailing hundreds of meters of black rubber tubing to your roof? Not only that but a heat exchange between house and pool stands to vastly reduce the energy consumption that goes into cooling, even if you don’t give a crap what temperature your pool is.

A Very Trivial Frustration

I buy Coles UHT milk all the time, because it keeps on the shelf and is cheaper to buy than pre-chilled milk. But I don’t see why that means that this has to happen every damn time I try to open it.

Reasonable Faith

I sympathize hugely with Kate Smurthwaite here as she tries to respond patiently to the perennial assertion that to be an atheist is to have faith in the non-existence of God.

The amusing/depressing arrogance of this assertion is that it usually comes from a person who believes in exactly one god, specifically the god of the religion into which they were born.

It does not occur to the well-meaning but supremely patronizing nun to accuse Kate of faith in the non-existence of Krishna, Buddha, Xenu, Zeus etc, because of course those gods aren’t real!

Why is it so hard for the religious to understand that it requires no more faith to not believe in a god than it does to not believe in Santa Claus, or Russell’s teapot?

Perhaps the nun finds her faith comforting and even useful. Perhaps it gives her order a common sense of purpose, enabling them to more effectively help the needy. Even if this is the case, that doesn’t make the belief true any more than a person’s superstitious need to avoid stepping on a crack does anything to protect their mother’s spine.

If it gets you through the day, and helps you sleep at night, believe what you want– but it’s such bullshit to argue that because the existence of God can neither be proved nor disproved then somehow an equivalence can be drawn between belief and non-belief.

TL;DR: If atheism is a religion then not collecting stamps is a hobby.*


* This analogy has been around longer than I have, but it works just fine. What I don’t understand is why people can’t just say “oh I get it!” and go about their faith-ly ways, instead of holding fast to the ‘just another religion’ critique for no palpable gain (except to irritate the ungodly). Don’t be this guy.



We had a new scan today, and all systems are nominal.


Also, awwwwwwwwww she is SO ADORABLE!

(and I may be imagining it but I feel like I am seeing parental resemblances already)

Water beads = tactile fun!

Only discovered these things recently, and they are super fun to play with…


Those tiny plastic beads swell to marble size (about 400 times their original volume) when soaked in water for half a day. One small packet (about a heaped teaspoon) makes about 2 litres of squishy, bouncy, permanently wet spheres. I recommend filling a container with them and sticking your hand in, they feel just awesome and weird. If you leave them for a while they start to shrink (as water evaporates from their surface) but then just immerse them again and they expand once more. While intact they are quite strong and can be squeezed and even bounced, but score one with a fingernail and it will split apart instantly.

I am officially boring

It’s been a month since my last post, and I really don’t have much worth writing about, even though life has been very busy and quite exciting in that adult way that is of very little interest to other people. My attention is focused on the things that are immediately relevant to me, such as impending parenthood, financial stability and pool maintenance.

I’ve been working more or less full time for most of the year now, and although that may partially explain the infrequency of my posts, the fact is that I took last week off and not once did it occur to me that there was anything I wanted to blog about. I seem to be fully, happily domesticated right now, and such a state is simply not conducive to creative output.

Below are some thoughts I have had recently, which a different me might have written about enthusiastically at some point.

  • Breaking Bad was awesome.
  • Tony Abbott, newly elected Australian PM, is a total cock. I wish the fresh expenses scandal could damage him enough to allow a less batshit crazy conservative like Malcolm Turnbull to take over the leadership.
  • Global warming is a real thing, nothing substantial is being done to address it, and so I have to be more concerned about the risk of bushfires in my neighborhood.
  • When it comes to armchairs, comfort trumps style. We recently bought a recliner after I scoffed at it for being a daggy grandpa chair (only to then sit in it and go ‘Ahhhhhhhhhh!’)
  • I cook a lot now (5 nights a week) and I don’t mind it at all. Also I like to keep the kitchen tidy (this is not the me of 6 months ago).
  • I find myself browsing used station wagons online with a mind to replacing my small car. Maybe a diesel.
  • I find iOS 7 largely fine but the spindly fonts are a little annoying. It seems like forever since I installed any apps, and as of this moment I can’t even remember if my Apple developer membership is still current.
  • I will never be able to grow a proper beard.
  • Everyone is having babies!
  • I should probably get a builder to give me a quote on repairing or replacing our dilapidated wooden pool deck.
  • I am not really doing anything very interesting with my time, and I’m surprisingly ok with this.

I am not saying this blog is dead, but it is quite sleepy right now.